Balenciaga Gladiator Sandals

These wedge gladiator style sandals have been spotted on Mary Kate Olsen, and are impossible to find online (hence the closeup of her feet instead of a stock photo!). I can't begin to imagine how much these cost, but a typical Balenciaga shoe will run you anywhere from $400-1000 and that's on Bluefly (a designer discount site!!). So basically this shoe is expensive, enough said.

I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and figure that since you're checking out this blog, you don't have a first born child or a right arm to give for the Balenciaga version of these gladiator sandals. Lucky for you, I found a really great look for less from Nine West (comes in other colors as well) for $92.95 at Zappos. Click here to purchase.


BunnyliciouS said...

I recently bought them for $70 on endless.com =)

Jen said...

^^I have seen them for lower since this post was made. I believe Amazon had them for $65 recently.