Christian Louboutin Lapono Shoe Boots *Updated 8/6/08*

**See bottom of post for update**

I'm not sure I could personally ever pull boots like this off, but I know some people can! These boots retail for $775 at Net-A-Porter. They are available in pink and blue.

Forever21 has an amazing look for less, and they come in red (pictured) and also black (which is a little more wearable). They retail for $21.80 and you can purchase these by clicking here.

Product Code: 2046404664

Update: Here are a picture of the Christian Louboutin booties in black from Bergdorf Goodman. They retail for $770.

And here are the black ones from Forever21...

**Update: 8/6/08:

Alloy also has a pair of shoes that are very similar to the CL's. They retail for $34.50 and come in black (pictured), red, and gray. You can click on the photo below to purchase.

Alloy at ShopStyle


CB said...

uh there's no way I could pull those off! I must be very un-chic b/c I like the F21 ones better (I <3 red and black!)

Unknown said...

OH MY GOD! may only happiness befall you. you have made me a very happy shoeaholic. I've been scouring the net trying to find a lapono at an affordable price. this is the hottest tip off. I'm definitely gonna buy these! thank you fashion guru.

biancab said...

ohhh they don't sell them anymore!!! the link is dead btw

Jen said...

Michelle - glad I could help!

biancab - yes, unfortunately sometimes Forever21 sells out of an item posted on here. I don't typically remove the links in case they restock, so unfortunately you may come across a dead link occasionally.