12th Street by Cynthia Vincent Les Miserable Pleated Tunic Dress

I was absolutely in love with this dress last summer, and loved it even more when I saw it on Rachel Bilson (picture from Rachel-Bilson.net). However, I didn't love the fact that it was $224 (from Shopbop - no longer available).

Anyways, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I saw a similar version at F21 and in a more wearable jersey knit type fabric (this original is silk). This retails for $19.80 and you can click here to purchase.

ProductCode: 2041527303


Amanda said...

I <3 Rachel Bilson, and I <3 <3 this dress!

Elise said...

I didn't see a place to contact you - I started my own blog, and because you and Fashion Under 100 have been such huge inspirations to me I've listed the link to your blog on my website. If this is alright with you then I'll leave it, but if it's not please contact me and I'll remove it.




Jen said...


It's no problem at all!

*Thanks for reminding me I need to put contact information up*