Jennifer Behr Feather Headband

This adorable feathered headband by Jennifer Behr (whose headbands have adorned Leighton Meester's head on several episodes of Gossip Girl) retails for $112.

Don't have a Gossip Girl size budget? Try this version from Urban Outfitters...it retails for a much lower $16. Click here to purchase.


Advo said...

Excellent, maybe you could do it with some of the headbands that Blair wore as well? They are fabulous, but really expensive!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

^^I've been on the lookout for some looks for less of headbands that Blair has actually worn - haven't found any yet! I'll definitely post if/when I do.

Advo said...

Super, I keep checking your blog for look for less items. :)

Anonymous said...

Could you possibly for the look alike for Giuseppe Zanotti's Crystal Stud Suede Booties? These here.


I really love them but they're too expensive!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

^^I will see what I can find! Those may be too new, there might not be anything similar to them yet. I'll keep my eyes open for something though!

Unknown said...


Lots of cute feather headbands and super affordable.