Nanette Lepore Seaside Jacket

This gorgeous jacket from Nanette Lepore originally retailed for $430 at Revolve Clothing. It is currently out of stock.

Nanette Lepore at ShopStyle

I debated not putting this up, since the alternative is more of a winter coat (it's a wool blend) and the Nanette Lepore version is cotton. However, it's a pretty close version (minus the flap detail near the waistline on the NL coat) so I decided to post anyways. It also comes in navy and black and you can purchase it by clicking the photo for $49.80.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle


Chloe said...

I actually have the Nanette Lepore Seaside Jacket (in bone, which is a nice ivory color) and when I originally saw the F21 Dupe I was pretty bummed- I love Nanette Lepore and hate to see her get ripped off.

But...the F21 copy is a good one. And it's still available, where as the NL Seaside Jacket sold out long ago. Is it sad that I've been contemplating ordering the F21 one in red?

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Chloe - I noticed on your blog that you have that jacket and I was drooling over it! I was so bummed I couldn't find it anywhere online.

It's not sad that you're thinking of ordering the F21 version - it's wool so it's for a different season than the Nanette version (at least the one on Revolve said it was cotton, so I took it to be a spring or fall jacket - at least where I live!).