J Crew Jeweled Posy Capri Sandals

I know it seems a little strange to be posting about sandals in January, but when I spotted this look for less, I had to post about it!

I lusted after these J Crew sandals (in the black and cream version) this past summer, but couldn't justify the $118 price tag.

Lucky for me, I was in Target recently and stumbled across a great look for less! They retail for $12.99 and you can click the photo below to purchase.



myx n mingle said...

Love this! Thanks J - I'm going to go buy these for myself ASAP!

♥ Bett said...
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♥ Bett said...

These could even be a good substitute for the way expensive Chanel Camelia sandal - which I have been looking for for a long time!! So thx ♥

Chloe said...

Ooooh, great find!