New Site Feature: The Look 4 Less...for men!

It was brought to my attention recently by my friend's husband that I need to include looks for less for men as well as women. I'm not sure how many men actually read this blog, but I guess most women probably pick out clothes for their guys anyways! So, although it is much easier for me to spot items for women (I usually just notice items while I'm browsing online for myself!), I promised him that I would try and feature some men's clothing/shoes once in awhile. In celebration of a new year, we will feature our first men's clothing item this afternoon - so be sure and check back!

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CB said...

Awesome idea! You may or may not have male readers but you definitely have ALOT of female readers that have men in their lives (like myself) that need good gift look-for-less ideas for upcoming birthdays. Was that hint subtle enough? I am such a bad wifey b/c I have no idea what to get T for his birthday. help? haha.