Coming soon...New Feature: Look 4 Less Review

Today while running on the treadmill, I thought of an idea for a new feature here at the Look 4 Less. I thought it might be helpful if I posted an occasional review of a look for less that I've featured on the blog. I don't purchase a lot of the items (mainly because my bank account would be in tears if I did!!), but I can post a picture and a quick review (sizing, quality, etc) of those that I do. 

I was also thinking that I would accept reader reviews, if anyone out there would be willing to share a photo and a quick write up of the item they received (if you're interested, you can email me for more details at lookforless@gmail.com).

Any feedback is appreciated! I will try and post the first Look 4 Less review sometime this week.



Amelia said...

I think this is a GREAT idea. Looking forward to this feature!

antithesis said...

wonderful idea

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Great idea! I love your finds.

Shannon Dew said...

Great idea!

CB said...

I love reading reviews! Great idea. I bought the Miu Miu copycat bag from Shop Suey. Let me know if you want a review. In short. It rocks. ;)