Inspired by...Balmain *Updated 3/28*

See below for update.

These studded sandals by Balmain retail for $2,050 and were worn by Jennifer Connelly on the red carpet of the He's Just Not That Into You movie premiere. (Photo credit: Style.com)

These studded sandals from Aldo are not exact, but they are a great "inspired by" shoe if your budget doesn't allow for the Balmain version. They retail for $125 and you can click on the photo below to purchase!

Aldo at ShopStyle

Update 3/28/09 - If you want a more similar style than the Aldo version, try these sandals from Bebe. They also come in white and retail for $169. Use code 09SPRING for free shipping on orders over $150. Click on the photo below to purchase.

Marianna at ShopStyle


Profashionelle said...


can you believe the Balmain knockoffs have almost sold out already? Just got a comment from a reader who informed me that the sandals are only available in a size 10 now. There is such a Balmain craze going around at the moment. :)

Have a nice day,

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Profashionelle -

That is crazy! When I posted that yesterday all sizes were in stock, now they're all gone. I guess you're right about the craze (although they aren't my style, so I don't really get it!).