Alexander McQueen Gold Grommet Booties - *Updated 9/29/09*

See bottom of post for update.

Thanks again to Julie for sending me this find!! :)

These grommet booties by Alexander McQueen originally retailed for $1249 at Zappos Couture, now on sale for the budget busting price of $1000.

Alexander McQueen at ShopStyle

If you can't afford the original (even on sale) but have been hoping for a lookalike, you're in luck. Bebe's Belinda Slingback grommet bootie is a similar shoe for only $159.00 (saving you a whopping $841 off the SALE price of the McQueen version). They only come with the silver grommets, but I think they are a great alternative for less. Click on the photo below to purchase.

Bebe at ShopStyle

*Update - 9/29/09* - Julie also just emailed me another great McQueen lookalike by Gabriella Rocha. They retail for $95 and also come in brown. Click here to purchase.

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