Christian Louboutin Very Brode Pumps

These fuschia pumps from Christian Louboutin retailed for $1095 at Net-A-Porter but are currently sold out.

If you missed the original (or just didn't have the cash to splurge), you're in luck because Martinez Valero did a great alternative for $148.95. They come in pink (pictured), red, green, or black and if you click on the photo below they can even be in your hot little hands quickly with free overnight shipping.

Martinez Valero at ShopStyle


Giselle said...

it always makes me laugh how these companies and designers just flat out copy the original design. don't get me wrong i love it!.. but i'm always surprised they don't get sued or something.

Unknown said...

I love the Martinez Valero look! Maybe even more than the Louboutin's...