Hermes Crocodile Birkin [Reader Request]

The iconic Birkin bag by Hermes is pretty much the holy grail of handbags for many women. Don't even ask what one of these will cost you (not to mention how long the waiting list is), trust me...you probably don't want to know (and neither do I).

Now I'm not implying this bag is within the same stratosphere when comparing it to the quality and craftmanship of the Hermes version. However, if you want a similar style for WAY less cash, the price tag on this one won't make your financial advisor (or husband) break out in a cold sweat. If you're interested, it retails for $55 and you can click on the image below to purchase.

Aldo at ShopStyle


Leo said...

I like croco birkin but it's too expensive that I even cannot afford for a replica.

Unknown said...

I know, it’s expensive but I really like this product.

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