Elizabeth and James One Shoulder Tee - *Updated 9/15/09*

See bottom of post for update.

This long sleeved one shoulder tee by Elizabeth and James retails for $115 at Shopbop.

Elizabeth and James at ShopStyle

If you want a similar top that fits in your budget, Topshop has a version that retails for $36. If you'd like to purchase, click on the photo below!

Topshop at ShopStyle

*Update - 9/15/09* - Shop Mamie also has a similar option for $44 available only in grey. If you'd like to purchase, please click here to do so (and don't forget to check out their other items - they have a lot of great stuff!).

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autumn said...

Cali by Cal has a great one shoulder top in three styles. the bonus is that it has an integrated bra so no fussing with trying to figure out what bra to wear. the price is under $100 as well.