Inspired by...Anna Sui

This printed dress by Anna Sui retails for $625 at Net-A-Porter.

Now I realize at first glance, this Alloy dress looks nothing like the Anna Sui dress. The overall style of the dress is similar even though the print is different, so I decided to post it as an inspired by find. Click on the photo below to purchase this dress for $44.90. After that, all you need is a patent belt, great bag, and suede boots and you're on your way to recreating the Anna Sui look above for a lot less.

Alloy at ShopStyle

Also Anna Sui just did a line for Target, so if you want one of her actual designs at a lower price point, click here to check out the collection.

Reader Jenny just sent me these two links, both dresses have a similar pattern seen on the Anna Sui dress above. The first is a sleeveless silk wrap dress and retails for $59.99. Click here to purchase.

The second is a spaghetti strap dress and retails for $69.99. Click here to purchase.

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Ashley said...

There is also a similar dress at Target, I will try to find it.