Velvet Edeline Sequin Tee

Velvet's sequin short sleeve tee retails for $160 at Diani Boutique.

Velvet at ShopStyle

Looking to save a little cash? This shirt by Eight Sixty isn't a complete steal, but it will still save you a nice chunk of cash ($72 to be exact). It retails for $88 at Lord and Taylor and you can click on the photo below to purchase (also available in gold).

Eight Sixty at ShopStyle

Alloy also has a sequin tee that might work for you and it retails for an even lower $36.90 (try code CPN15A for 15% off). Click on the photo below to purchase.

Alloy at ShopStyle


www.fitisthenewblack.com said...

ahh that's a hot top, great for the holidays! L+T always has savings passes, I will def have to add that to my list of things to list of especially when they go on sale. I wonder if/what kind of skirt that could be paired with?

www.fitisthenewblack.com said...

Just got an e-mail, promo code NOW gets you 15% off=comes out to $85 shipped.