Favorite Things: The Chloe Conspiracy

Chloe from The Chloe Conspiracy is not only hilarious, but is also super fashionable. She's a master at mixing high and low pieces and although I'm sure I could never pull off her outfits, she always looks amazing. Definitely check out her blog (as well as her adorable puppies) asap if you haven't already. Here are some of her favorite things...

1. Snickerdoodle cookies.
Chocolate has never tripped my trigger- but cinnamon? Oh yes, I'd die for cinnamon. I've been known to dump ground cinnamon on top of french toast and pancakes (it's amazing with maple syrup!) and when I make my famous cinnamon ice cream, it's a dark brown because of the obscene amount of cinnamon I'll put into it. It grosses husband out- which is fine, all the more for me!

2. Anything by Nanette Lepore! Not only do I love all of her clothes, but her last name also rhymes with my favorite word. Yes, many might say that I'm a bit of a Nanette Lepore Boar. Wait! I mean Whore! A Nanette Lepore Whore!

3. Classical music. Very few people know that I actually took 11 years of piano lessons growing up, and studied nearly seven years on the harp; I've also played harp at Carnegie Hall in NYC. I know, right? I am quite amazing, thank you. I prefer the much happier stylings of the Baroque period of classical music (Bach, Vivaldi, Handel)- and abruptly quit piano after turning 18 and becoming a bit irate over not being able to master the Maple Leaf Rag due to my hands being too small to stretch to the octaves throughout the whole piece. If I couldn't do Scott Joplin, I decided, I didn't want to do it at all.

Of course, now I miss it and nag Husband for a baby grand piano nearly every day. Lucky guy.

(that's my harp, which is currently sitting almost stringless in a guest bedroom. Someday I'll get around to playing it again!)

4. Anything with a good bow on it.
I like a good bow, a strong bow- a bow that boldly decries to the world, "LISTEN HERE, I AIN'T SCREWIN' AROUND!"

5. Bad Reality TV. It's an obsession I share with my husband- we gleefully watch anything trashy, and were probably the only ones in the world that first knew who Jaimee Grubbs was, probably before Jaimee Grubbs even knew who Jaimee Grubbs was. Or at least before Tiger knew, 'cuz HELLO- she started on a show called The Tool Academy! Like she isn't just desperate for fame, you dummy.

6. Peanuts! Snoopy! Charlie Brown! I've been an avid collecter ever since I was about 10, and I have a ridiculously huge collection of several old comic books, toys, and knick knacks, VHS tapes, and figurines. I can even still list off the years several of the characters first appeared- and I also might be obsessed with local Fox News Anchor Leland Vittert because Leland was was also the name of an obscure Peanuts character that only appeared in one Peanuts movie and just a few comic strips. Woodstock is my favorite though:

7. So...Leland Vittert on Fox 31 News Denver. BECAUSE HIS NAME IS LELAND! And also because I rank his hair on its poofyness on a scale from 1 (a bit flat) to 10 (BADASS POOFTASTIC!) every night that he's on. Lately he's been hitting around an 8. Go Leland, go go:

8. My two long-haired chihuahuas (Kitty and Petunia!), and my two long-haired chihuahuas when they cuddle with Husband because it's so cute, it should be criminal. Also, Husband should never ever divorce me because I have 3u49237434287 incriminating photos. And while some couples might have an incriminating sex tape or an embarrassing photo or two floating around, I only have incriminating photos of a 33 year old man happily using a 3-lb chihuahua as a pillow, hee hee:


9. Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton Rose Speedy 30. I'm actually not a huge fan of Mr. Vuitton myself (even with Marc Jacobs at the helm, gasp!) but I've been obsessed with this bag ever since spying it last year- and it might just make an appearance in my own closet very, very soon!

10. Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men. Wait, how long until the new season?

11. The Look 4 Less Blog & Einstein & J. Of course! And I know you said "only" 10, but you have to be included somewhere. :)


Amber said...

Ahhh! I have been waiting on this list!!!

LOve that I may not be the only 20 year old with a classical music station programed on their car stereo.

And I couldn't agree more on the Bows! And OF COURSE Ms. lepore.

Jen could you do a recap or post or email me with a link of the blogs included I think I "followed" them all. I enjoyed them all SOO much and found many new bloggy addictions!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Sure, I can email you all the links of the blog included!

Unknown said...

Chloe, that speedy is hawt. Loveth. Also with you on bad reality tv, which you know bad + reality is redundant. *lol* Oh, for the love of ray j....what're ya gonna do...

The Budget Babe said...

fun list, love these posts! :)

Chloe said...

Thanks again J, I had a blast doing this! ♥

LKc said...

I LOVE Nannette Lapour...her flagship shop in Wicker Park always has me drooling in the window, alas, my pocketbook always slaps me and wipes the drool from my chin!!

Also, bows? I wish one (or more) was on everything I owned.