Celebrity Look 4 Less: Lea Michele

Actress Lea Michele (Glee) wore this stunning red corset dress to the People's Choice Awards last night. The designer is listed by Just Jared as Nuj Novakhett.

After I saw her photo on the red carpet, I was immediately reminded of this Vogue dress from Lulu's. It's not available in red, but will give you a similar silhouette for a budget friendly price. It retails for $49 and you can click here to purchase. (If this dress looks familiar, it's because it was featured awhile ago on the blog as a look 4 less of a Stella McCartney design. It's also available in pink.)


LKc said...

Love this dress...AKIRA put something like this out this past year!
--LKc Style

Kristen said...

Super sexy! I love the top on both of these dresses!

Lyndsy said...

I got a very similar dress from forever in purple that I wore in Miami! Love it!