Celebrity Look 4 Less: Mary Kate Olsen

I saw this picture of Mary Kate Olsen on Olsens Anonymous (you can see a larger photo there), and although normally I don't care for what she wears (at least for incorporating into my own life - our styles are VERY different), I thought this outfit was very chic.

If you want to recreate Mary Kate's outfit, you're going to need a silky tunic style dress, and I chose this one by BCBG which retails for $148 (click here or here to get a lower priced version, although not the same material). Don't forget the patterned tights, wide black belt, and patent booties (as well as lots of gold rings and a chain style bracelet)- all of which I included below! (Note: Target also has similar tights for $9 here.)

BCBG Max Azria at ShopStyle


Amber's Notebook said...

WHAT!? You don't typicaly like the things she wears??? LOL she is like my #1 style icon haha. Ok I am going to recreate this look I have very similar tights.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

It's more that her style is VERY different from mine. If I wore some of the stuff she wears I would look (and feel) completely ridiculous - even though it looks great on people, I just wouldn't feel like myself. Does that make sense?

Amber's Notebook said...

haha I am just kidding. Mary Kate and i share the same birthday so i think that automatically means we share (some) of the same style right?? I wish!! Well expect those bag lady outfits she wears I don't like those lol

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

:) Well I think your style is much more wearable than Mary Kate's, and I always love what you wear (so does that mean you're more stylish than she? I think so!!).