Markus Lupfer Zebra Print Sequin Tee

This zebra tee from Markus Lupfer retails for $200 at Net-A-Porter.


Although not a whole lot less, this Torn by Ronny Kobo zebra tee will still save you some cash. It's currently on sale for $130.90 at Shopbop and also comes in black.

Torn By Ronny Kobo at ShopStyle

*Update* - Reader Carrin commented that there has to be a lower priced version and I'm still searching in hopes that there is, but I wanted to update that I found this version (although still pretty pricey) by Quotation and it's currently on sale for $89.60. Click on the photo below if you'd like to purchase.


Is this zebra print tee something you'd wear? Would you go for the splurge or the save?


Carrin said...

Why is it that some thing so simple should cost that much. Seems to me you could find something very similar at F21 or Charlotte Russe for $15.
It's very cute so I would wear it if it didn't cost me more than 20 bucks.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Carrin - You are so right. I will keep looking to see if there are any lower priced alternatives floating around.

Profashionelle said...

Great finds! I think the actual inspiration for all of the finds came from this Balmain Fall 2009 shirt. It also comes in black.