Style Me Saturday: Dominican Republic Vacation

Carrin commented on my post looking for items she should take on her vacation to the Dominican Republic for a week.

I am going on vacation to the Dominican Republic for a week. I don't want to pack more than one suitcase becasue of the airline regulations. But I would love to take various outfits becasue you just never know what we might do while down there.

I would like to bring pieces that can be worn many different ways if pieced with different things. Somehting to dress down or dress up. Any suggestions? (P.S. The stores I shop at most are Forever 21 & Charolette Russe.)

I did some research and it's been in the upper 80's in the DR lately, so I found several breezy dresses that can be dressed up or down, as well as shorts, tanks, and sandals. Since Carrin didn't know what all they would be doing down there, I tried to have a variety of options while keeping her budget and one suitcase limit in mind.

First I came up with a travel outfit that I thought might work for Carrin. I paired some leggings with a ruffle back tunic tank (which can later be paired with shorts if she chooses), a wrap cardigan (perfect for the plane and also if it gets chilly at night while on the trip), a floral scarf, and black flats. (Denim leggings could also be substituted if you prefer those over regular leggings)

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Now on to the packing! This first set is is the most important set (in my opinion) when you're going to a warm climate. I think Carrin should back a minimum of 2 swimsuits (that way you can alternate them, giving each time to dry). Obviously whether or not you pack bikinis or one pieces are a personal preference, so I threw in both as options. Don't forget to pack a cover up as well! This one can double as a dress, so if you decide to go to lunch or do some shopping before you hit the beach or the pool, you won't feel totally exposed.

Old Navy at ShopStyle

The next group of items are shorts and tanks/tees. I included the button down tunic because I thought it would be cute with either pair of shorts or a denim skirt, and looks light enough to be comfortable even in high temperatures (you could also throw on your swimsuit underneath ala Jillian on last year's Bachelorette). All of the tops would work with any of the shorts (and obviously color is a preference thing, some I chose because I liked the color and some - like the F21 v neck tee - wouldn't let me change the color, but it's available in a variety of shades).

Old Navy at ShopStyle

Next we come to my personal favorite, the sundresses. I think all of these are casual enough to wear with flip flops but you could also dress them up with wedges and some jewelry for dinner or an evening out. I also tried to stick to a jersey material so they wouldn't get too wrinkled in the suitcase! (You can see two other dress options here, here, here, oh and here too - I got a little carried away!)

Old Navy at ShopStyle

And finally, the accessories. I included regular flip flops and some nicer metallic sandals, as well as some wedges. Any of these shoes would go with the clothing in the sets above, and I chose gold jewelry only because I think gold looks great with a tan and would go well with the colors of the dresses I posted. Obviously you could substitute some of these items with silver if you prefer. (Don't forget a hat to wear in the sun, and some classic sunglasses!)

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

I hope this helps Carrin pack for her trip to the Dominican Republic.

Is there anything YOU would add to the packing list that I didn't mention?


Chiara Popalopa said...

Well I really like the set of jewerly you posted!!

I also agree with the minimum of two swimsuits as well.

I agree again with the shoes, she should pack comfortable shoes, in case she has to walk a lot or something when she can remove the sand easily.

I'm from the islands myself and I just wanted to tell her that it can be very hot... I would pack less jeans maybe? Because you tend to get very hot in them.

Carrin said...

I love EVERYTHNG! I will be printing off all of these options and taking it with me when I hit the mall to shop for my trip. You really nailed in on the head!
I love the sundresses and The traveling outfit is to die for!
Thank you so much!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Melody - I like your suggestion of comfortable shoes. I was going to add some sneakers to the shopping list in case they go hiking or something but figured she probably already had a pair she could throw in if that's something she anticipates doing on her trip. Thanks so much for commenting!

Carrin - I'm so glad that you liked the options I came up with!! Have a great time on your trip. :)

Amber said...

J can you pack for my next trip!?? lol. Love the combos you came up with and I a terrible packer!

marianne said...

I have a packing tip I learned as a backpacker I think everyone can use: roll your clothes instead of folding them. Not only does it help by creating less wrinkles, you will increase your luggage space by at least a third.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Amber - I'd be happy to! Haha. :)

Marianne - Great tip!! I usually do that too if I'm trying to get stuff into a smaller suitcase. Thanks so much for commenting, I'm sure Carrin will find it useful!