Celebrity Look 4 Less: Ashley Olsen

I recently featured Mary Kate on the blog, so I thought I'd also feature Ashley (I prefer her style over MK's) Olsen. I love this basic grey and black look that was recently posted on Olsen's Anonymous.

If you want a similar grey top, I found one at Forever 21 for only $6.90! Pair that with some similar shield sunglasses ($6.50) from Charlotte Russe and you've got a start to recreating Ashley's look. In the larger photo it looks although she's wearing tights (or some thin leggings) but I included some black jeggings below as a more substantial alternative, as well as a quilted bag, military style peacoat, and boots to complete the look.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle


Lady Hatch said...

love this look

Amber said...

Cute! You know Ilove this look even is MK is my fave. Ash and I share the same bday as well so we are tight too ;)

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Lady Hatch - Glad you like it!

Amber - Haha, I knew you would! I prefer Ashley's style and so this outfit is definitely something I would wear.