Chanel Coco Cocoon Bag

Thank you to reader Julie for sending me this find!

Lily Allen is the face of Chanel's new Coco Cocoon line, featuring puffy leather handbags. I was unable to find an exact retail price for the bag in the photo below. (Photo credit)

Although it's not available in black (and it's not leather), this puffy bag from Akira retails for $38.90 and will give you the Chanel look for a much lower price. It also comes in purple and you can click here to purchase.

Reader Jennifer also pointed out in the comments that there's a great lookalike on Etsy as well. It retails for $26 from the seller coutureNsparkles. Click here to visit this bag's page and here to visit their store and click here to check out her blog!


Frost said...

I'm sorry, I think this bag is HIDEOUS. The only reason it would be considered fashionable is because it's designed by Chanel. :(


Unknown said...

That Chanel bag just cracks me up everytime I see it. Good find w/the Akira. :-)

Jennifer Axcell said...

Here is another option from the ever fabulous etsy-


J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Jennifer! I'm adding it to the post now! Great find.