Closet Essentials: The Blazer

A reader recently asked if I would do a post on some closet/wardrobe essentials so I thought I would break it down into separate posts, all featuring items that are my personal wardrobe necessities.

The first is a blazer (and yes, I'm looking at you Rachel *my sister*, you need one!!), which I feel is incredibly versatile and definitely a wardrobe essential. You can throw it on over a dress, jeans and a tee, shorts, etc... and it also adds polish to your outfit (and doesn't everyone want to look more put together?)! I have one from Wet Seal that I love (and that didn't break the bank!). If you don't have one in your closet right now, I searched the web and found some options (all under $100) for you. Here are my picks (click on any photo below to purchase):

Charlotte Russe Roll Up Sleeve Blazer - $32
This blazer is very similar to the one I own, and I love the striped lining and the budget friendly price tag.

Anthropologie Flip Side Blazer - $88
This blazer also comes in navy and black, but I really like the grey!

Charlotte Russe Textured Linen Blazer - $32
Linen will give you a bit of a lighter feel for when the temperatures heat up.

Aqua 3/4 Sleeve Terry Blazer - $98
This is one of the pricier items but I love the cropped sleeves and the gold buttons.

Express Knit Boyfriend Jacket - $79.50
This knit blazer will give you the length of a boyfriend jacket but is fitted for a woman's body.

Gap Perfect Khaki Blazer -$88
After seeing this blazer on Chloe, I definitely need to add it to my own wardrobe ASAP.

Here are a few more picks...
I also put together some different looks (using a dress, jeans, and shorts) so you can get an idea of how versatile a blazer can be in your wardrobe.
Gap at ShopStyle

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle


Ashley said...

I've admired this casual styling of blazers for awhile now and really want to get one. I have work/suit blazers that are a bit too structured and heavy for everyday wear, but I love the options you gave!

!Tb0n3! said...

I have so many of them and I must say, they are perfect to style with almost anything on any given day! Adore the one from Anthropologie!