Look 4 Less Review: Paris Hilton Senorita Heels

These bow heels by Paris Hilton were originally featured on the blog as a look 4 less of the Valentino bow pumps (see original post here).

IMG_3593 copy1

First let me say that I ADORE these shoes. With the Valentino's out of my price range (unless they go on major sale), I had been lusting after the Paris Hilton versions for awhile. Macy's had 20% off recently, so I decided to take the plunge. I'm SO glad that I did, these pumps are adorable in person!! The bow needs a little work since they got kind of flattened in shipment, but I think that if I stuff some tissue paper in there they will perk right up. I ended up ordering a 1/2 size larger since they didn't have my true size available, and they fit pretty well but I will probably add some kind of insert to ensure they don't slip.

IMG_3596 copy1

Would I recommend these shoes? Absolutely! I think that they are a great lookalike for the price, and I don't see how anyone could be disappointed in these gorgeous heels. If you'd like to purchase, they are still available at Macy's in several colors for $89 and you can click on the photo below.

Paris Hilton at ShopStyle


Veronika said...

i ordered these in black yesterday and I can't wait to get them. they are sooo cute!

Chloe said...

I agree 100%, J. I actually scored my Valentino bow pumps in a really goofy way- they happened to be a brand new but mismatched size on Ebay, and coincidentally the mismatched shoe size that I am! My right foot is 1/2 a size bigger than my left, which I usually remedy by inserts or jamming it into a shoe 1/2 a size too small- so when they popped up like that from someone who worked at a department store, it was totally meant to be! Brand new, $210. Still twice as expensive as the Paris Hiltons, but my god I'll probably never find a deal like that ever again!

That Paris Hilton version is darling, though. But...when will someone do a knock off of these? *wiggles and waits*

Amber's Notebook said...

umm omg those pictures are amazing and I need to order these! LOVE!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Veronika - Hope you like them! I love them in the black too (I had trouble deciding between black and gold!).

Chloe - Wow, that's so lucky!! Sounds like you got a fantastic deal. Hopefully someone will knock off that other Valentino shoe soon - so cute!

Amber - Thanks! :) You definitely need to order them asap.

Katrina said...

My Mom just found these beautiful shoes at TJMaxx for $49.99.