Prada Suede Peep Toe Platform Pumps

Thanks a bunch to reader Julie for emailing me this find!

Prada's strappy platform pumps retailed for $695, then marked down to $556 at Bluefly but are no longer available.

Baker's Lynette pumps will give you a similar style that won't break the bank, and all sizes are available. They were just marked down to $49.99 and you can click here to purchase.


Sonja said...

how you find this stuff I do not know. But I am glad that you do!!!! :) xo

Lynn said...

LOVE these! Going to order them now..
Thanks for the post!

Amber said...

wow I like those!!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Sonja - Actually a fantastic reader emailed this particular find to me! :) I'm glad she found them too, love them!

Lynn - You're welcome!

Amber - Me too!

Unknown said...

love them!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these! What kind of outfit would you recommend wearing with these?