Style Me Saturday: Banana Republic Lace Skirt

Reader Ashley recently bought this adorable lace tulip skirt from Banana Republic and sent me the following email:

"I've been in love with this Banana Republic skirt forever! It was too expensive for me to buy in the store, and when I missed the sale, I thought I would never see it again :( Imagine my surprise when I found it on ebay! I instantly snatched it up and now it is mine, all mine!

Thing is, I have no idea how to wear a tulip skirt. It is not a very structured skirt, but there is a definite bulk in the middle and while that is the charm, I don't want to look bulky or heavy. Also, the model that is wearing this skirt has legs for days...I'm 5'8 and the skirt on me is much closer to my knees.

I would appreciate any suggestions!"

When styling this shirt, I decided that whether Ashley wanted to wear it for day or night, it needed to be paired with a fitted top (tucked in) so as not to add any bulk. I chose this tank from Banana Republic that I recently bought for my sister because I thought it would look great with the skirt (and I love the buttons that go halfway down the back - not shown on the site) and also Ashley could pair it with dress pants, jeans, other skirts, etc so it would have a lot of versatility in her wardrobe. I kept jewelry minimal with a great cocktail ring, and I love the shoes by Nine West which would look great with or without tights, and would go with tons of other outfits. All of the items (minus the skirt which is no longer available) can be found in the widget below, as well as alternative shoes and shirts that I also sent to Ashley to show her some other options (a lot are black or grey but as I told Ashley, she could add any color she likes, it's all a matter of personal color preference!). You can click on any of the photos to purchase!

Boutique 9 at ShopStyle


Amber said...

that skirt is adorable! Great styling!

Chiara Popalopa said...

What about a jacket or a bolero? I think it would fit well...

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Amber!

Melody - Yes, I think if the jacket was more fitted it would absolutely go well with that. Great idea!

Ashley said...

Love it! I'm so in love with those first shoes you have posted as well and I can't wait to get started on styling the skirt. Thanks again!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

You're welcome Ashley, thanks for sending it in!