Style Me Saturday: Dress Dilemma

I recently received this email from reader Kim, who was looking for some style suggestions for the following two dresses. Here's what she wrote:

I've had these two dresses in my closet for months, but I can't figure out how to wear them. I don't know what kind of shoes to pair them with, how to accessorize, tights or no tights, if I should wear anything over them (a blazer? a cardigan? nothing?) Help!

First, I'm just going to say I'm a big fan of neutrals although I do like a pop of color every now and then. I chose mainly neutral accessories and shoes for the following dresses, although I think a bright shoe or some colored jewelry would work just as well - it's all up to what your personal color preference is. For this first dress, I love the printed necklace on the neckline and mimicked that a little bit with my earring choice. I chose some black suede peep toe pumps (a classic in my opinion) and I think that Kim could easily pair this dress with tights, or go without if the weather is warm enough. I also think this dress is fantastic on it's own, but would look great paired with a blazer for a bit of a different look. I've also included some other shoe/jewelry options that I found, click on any of the photos for more information.

The Limited at ShopStyle

You might be looking at the dress above and wondering if it's possible to wear it in a more casual situation. It absolutely is, and this is how I would wear it (I put both wedges and flat sandals as an option, depending on your preference):

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

Now for the second dress. I styled it as if you were going to wear it to work. I again stuck with a neutral palette and went with nude/beige shoes because #1 they go with pretty much everything, and #2 they make your legs look a million miles long if you get the right shade for your skin. This time I paired it with some fun gold jewelry, to add a little sparkle to the dress since it's pretty plain. You could also add a wide black belt to cinch the waist, and throw on a cream colored cardigan for warmth and visual interest. Check out the widget below for more shoe/jewelry selections.

Boutique 9 at ShopStyle

Want to wear this dress out shopping with your friends, or to brunch with your sweetie? For a more casual situation, I would pair it with the following flats/sandals, delicate earrings, and patterned scarf:

Nine West at ShopStyle

How would you style these dresses? Share in the comments below!


Anonymous said...

Love everything you chose! It all looks great!

katie said...

where are those dresses from???

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Andi!

Katie - I'm not sure, she didn't say in her email.

Beautygirl24 said...

Love the styling! Great suggestions.

Kim said...

Yay! Thanks so much for doing this! I'm anxious to try out these ideas, and I appreciate the time you put into this. :)

Katie - The first dress is from ModCloth and the second is from Forever 21.

katie said...


J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Beautygirl!

Kim* - I'm so glad you like them, thanks again for writing in!

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOVE that second dress! Great styling!

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love the first dress! You did a great job pairing her two dresses with accessories.