Style Me Saturday - Forever 21 Leatherette Side Zip Skirt

I received this email from reader Emily, asking for help with this Forever 21 side zip leatherette skirt.

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"I recently bought this leather skirt from Forever 21 but when i got it home I went blank on how to wear it. I really like it so i need your help! I'm pretty petite and only 5'2 if that helps with styling."

Since Emily mentioned she is petite, I did a little research and came across this look worn by Ashley Olsen a couple of years ago. Since Ashley is also petite and the Olsen's are usually pretty fashion forward (and their looks don't catch onto the mainstream for a little while), I thought recreating this look would be a good place to start.

I kept everything pretty much the same but I did add some earrings to her look, I chose the feathers because nature elements are used a lot in the Olsen's Elizabeth and James jewelry line. This is obviously a more casual look, but I think it makes the leatherette skirt a little more wearable for day (making it more versatile for Emily's wardrobe). Click on any of the photos for more information/to purchase. I also included some alternatives below.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

If Emily is looking to wear this skirt for a dressier occasion, I came up with another look for her. I like the idea of pairing a ruffled feminine item with a "tougher" leather(ette) skirt to soften it up a little. I chose white but this Olivia Moon top also comes in a pretty pink or even purple. Also, because the shirt is sleeveless, I would wear a blazer over it to show a little less skin since the skirt seems fairly short. I paired this outfit with some silver strappy sandals (that I adore) to give her some height, and added a sparkly cocktail ring. I also added some alternatives, click on any photo below for more information/to purchase (many come in other color options as well). I also came up with a third look but decided not to post it, as I preferred the other two. Click here to view the look that didn't make the cut!

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