What I'm Wearing: Low Key V-Day

Since I was sick at the end of this past week, my husband and I decided to have a low key Valentine's Day and just hang out (although I did make it out to see Dear John with my sister). I wanted to look cute, but also be comfy, so this is what I threw on today (excuse the wrinkles, I just got home from the movie). By the way, I kept trying to get Einstein in the picture with me today so he could show off his Valentine bandana but he was not cooperating. Little stinker!!

Outfit Details:
J Crew Ruffles and Roses Tissue Tank - Sold out online
Gap boyfriend cardigan - Purchased last winter, no longer available
Delias Morgan skinny jeans - $44.50
Ash Snakeskin Flats - Purchased a year or two ago, no longer available

Get the look:
Alternatives have been added for items that are no longer available, you can click on any photo for more information.


Anonymous said...

such a comfy and cozy (yet chic) outfit! I wish I could wear flats and look that great.

Cassie said...

Your outfit is just my style. That's exactly what I would have worn out yesterday (I just went to dinner in a vintage tee and jeans) if I had something equally comfy and cute. And your little pup is a doll!

Marcie said...

So cute!

How was the movie? I've been dying to see it, I love the book!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Andi and Cassie - Thank you!

Marcie - Thanks! The movie was pretty good, but slightly different from the book.

Amber's Notebook said...

so cute jen!! I can;t believe you had a giveaway and I missed it!!!

Anonymous said...

Question for ya - I was actually considering buying a pair of Morgan jeans from Delia's the other day and its been SO LONG since I've bought anything there...would you say ordering a size up in these jeans is a good idea? I figure with all the "stretch" and tiny junior sizing I should probably go the safe route and get a size bigger ...? Thoughts?

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Amber! Sorry you missed the giveaway, it was a short one this time.

Hitch - I actually went with my normal size and they fit just fine. I am not sure I would recommend sizing up, you don't want them to stretch out too much!

DIMH said...

Gray cardi and pink cami are my favorite go-to. So cute! Way to rock it.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Dating is my hobby - Thank you!