Get the Look: Rainbow Bright (Bags)

With spring in the air, everyone is busting out their bright colored clothing (at least I am!) and putting away the grey, black, and navy that dominate most winter wardrobes. One great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe (even if you can't bear to put away your neutrals) is with a bright handbag, and I've scoured the web to find some great options for you, all under $100.

Here are my bold and bright picks...

Bagtique Patent Top Zip Satchel - $88
This grass green color just screams spring, and it's also available in red, orange, and navy.

Elle Grammercy A-Line Satchel - $34.50 (on sale)
Doesn't the color of this bright pink bag make you smile?

Aldo Hostetter - $29.98 on sale
Love this electric blue color and the price is great too!

Duex Lux Pebbled Side Cuff Satchel - $68
Purple is great for those trying to transition from their usual black bags (ahem, ME). It's dark enough that it can act as a neutral but definitely brightens up your outfit (also comes in green or orange). I love the shape of this version from Urban Outfitters.

Here are some more great bags, again, all colorful and all under $100 (there are two pages, so make sure and scroll thru to see all the options!):


Kayla said...

I want a bright bag!! I think it's a great accessory for a basic outfit.


Kristen said...

I love bright bags! I just bought a bright blue one yesterday! Yay for spring!