Style Me Saturday: Converse

Reader Andrea wrote me after purchasing her first pair of low top Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers in black and was wondering if I could provide her with some inspiration. Celebrities LOVE their Converse shoes, as you can see by the collection of photos below (Photo credit/Photo credit/Photo credit).

You can pair Converse with all kinds of casual outfits, and with all types of denim (flare, boyfriend, skinny, even shorts). I've even seen Converse paired with a casual jersey dress, but honestly I think they look better with jeans/shorts, so that's all I'm featuring here.

The following looks are pretty self explanatory, and you can click on any photo for more information/if you want to purchase.

This first set is with a pair of flare jeans, like Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba are wearing above.

Next is a casual look with boyfriend jeans like Reese is sporting. I've tossed in a few tank top/tee alternatives as well.

If you love to wear skinny jeans, here are two ways you could pair your Converse with your dark skinny denim.

And finally, how to pair your Converse with some cut off denim shorts...

How do YOU wear your Converse?? Share in the comments below!

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Christine said...

Love this post. Thanks for so many great ideas! I pair my converse with the t-shirt and jeans combo, but not with such flair!