Style Me Saturday: Vegas Vacation

Reader Rebekah wrote me looking for some affordable outfit ideas for her first trip to Vegas this weekend. Here is her email:

"I am a 24-year old going to Las Vegas for the first time in March. I need help with some ideas for day and night looks that won't break the budget. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!"

I love Vegas, so I was excited to come up with some ideas for Rebekah's first trip. I looked up the forecast and it said it was going to be in the upper 60's, so I decided to stick with jeans for the day looks. I also wanted to make sure I gave her layering options so that she could remove items if she got warm, or add layers when she's in the casino (which are always freezing). The first look I came up with is a purple tunic from Urban Outfitters, paired with some destroyed skinny jeans, flats, and a grey cardigan. The second look is a boucle jacket from Forever 21 over a basic white tank, black skinny jeans, and flats. Look 3 could be paired with either of the jeans from Look #1 or #2 and is just a basic boyfriend vneck tee, blazer (which could also be worn with any of the evening outfits), cute studded flats, and a scarf. I chose a large hobo style bag that would go with any of the outfits for day, and is large enough to throw in a bottle of water or the cardigan/jacket if she gets warm.

I'm a big fan of dresses for an evening out in Vegas, so I chose two dresses and a skirt/top combo as the evening options. The first is a one shoulder top from Victoria's Secret, paired with a bandage skirt from Express, some metallic sandals, and a mesh ring. The second option is a cute little black dress from Urban Outfitters (also comes in grey or ivory) which looks conservative from the front but has a sexy low back, paired with gladiator sandals and some silver earrings. The third option is a strong shoulder mini dress, also from Urban Outfitters, paired with some great heels. Either jewelry option from the previous two outfits would work with this third dress. If you want something with a little more sparkle for your night in Sin City, I also found a few other sequined options like this one, this one, and my personal favorite.

What's on your list of must haves for Vegas? Share in the comments below!


saltypaws said...

I love this topic! I go to LV all the time and it took my thick head many trips to figure out how to pack for this amazing trip....LV screams " dress up, glamour" but the reality is LV is HARD on your body and feet :) No matter what time of yr we go I am always cold in the casinos and restaurants so it took a while to remember to ALWAYS pack coverups and such...and the walking...OMG, my most comfortable high heels, my normal fav 8 hour high heels I can wear at home just dont cut it in LV...remember, you are walking on alot of marble, granite, cement...I always wear very polished looking flats during the day ( Tory Burch Revas, etc) and save the heels for limited wear at night... its amazing how much you walk in LV... even from your room to the lobby alone feels like miles, alho it doesnt seem like it ...
My best advice is 1) pack a wrap, coverup, sweater for every outfit, 2)Dr Sholls makes this cushioned tape in a lavender dispenser which is a lifesaver. Again, even shoes that feel fine at home can kill you in LV 3) any jeans you bring should be dark/ dressier, 4)if you dine and shop at high end establishements, its better to pack accordingly but if not , LV has become very casual and lastly 5) bring alot of Purell :)

LizO830 said...

I actually just bought this sequin slip from Free People for going to Vegas. It's the perfect place to wear items of clothing that you love but have no idea where to wear.

I also recommend putting Dr. Scholl's inserts into all of your high heels that you can. You will be much happier if your feet aren't in pain.