J's Friday Faves


Shop Ruche's Eternal Sunshine Handbag - $51.99
It vaguely reminds me of Valentino, and I love the sunny yellow color - perfect for spring/summer (loving the price too!).

I LOVE this show (even though I suck at home design!) and have recently taken to watching it in my pj's on Sunday mornings while I eat breakfast/brunch (it normally airs Tuesday nights but has been re-airing on Sunday late mornings).

I haven't purchased anything this week because tomorrow I'm heading to Chicago for a girl's weekend! So, instead of posting what I'm buying, I thought I'd show you some of the items I'm going to be looking for...

Gap Khaki Blazer
This is sold out in my size online but I've been wanting it ever since my sister picked one up, so hopefully I can find one.

Urban Outfitters Cooperative Sundress
I think this dress is so cute, but I want to see it in person and try it on (it may be borderline too short for me).

Also on the list...
Nude wedges
I have been on the hunt for nude wedges for awhile and haven't found the right ones yet. I bought the Rosegold wedges and the color was all wrong for my skintone, and the Seychelles version ran WAY too small (and I think the next whole size up would be too large). The hunt goes on...

We'll see what I end up finding!

Lusting after:

Rebecca Taylor Wave at Me Camisole - $195
So pretty, and I love the grey jersey back.
Rebecca Taylor at ShopStyle

Valentino Mena Platform Pump - $695
Valentino at ShopStyle


Coley said...

Love your picks, Jen. Those Valentino pumps are incredible. *swoon*

I bought some fab nude wedges from BR a few months ago...they aren't available online anymore but it might an eBay option?

Patti said...

Hope you have a great girl's week-end. Sounds like fun. I am also on the hunt for nude wedges. But alas the hunt continues!

Lilly Style said...

Just saw your post about trying to find nude wedges... I actually tried some on yesterday at DSW just for fun since they're about 5" high. They are actually peep toe wedges. I posted the photos on my blog earlier (not sure if you're looking for something like that or some that are more open) but I thought I tell ya :)

Kim said...

Great picks Jen! That yellow bag is adorable!
Have fun in Chicago - it's beautiful weather here this weekend, so it should be perfect for you!
I wish I had known you were coming!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Coley - Thanks (and thanks for the heads up about the BR wedges, I'll check eBay)!

Patti - Thank you!

Lilly - Good to know, I'll definitely take a look at your blog and check them out. :)

Kim - Thanks! It was kind of a last minute trip idea with my sister & some friends. We should plan a get together, Chicago isn't too far for me to come over for the day sometime!! It would be fun. :)

Danielle said...

Gasp! LOVE the bag and the pumps. Stick a bow on anything and I WANT IT. Thanks for these great finds!

Erin said...

Oh my! Love the bag and the pumps! If only I had all the money in the world... :)

Ife' said...

OMG!! I am also on the hunt for either nude or tan wedges. I've been hunting for the perfect pair for about a year now! they are such a basic, you'd think they'd be easy to find... NOT! I actually vented about my endless search today on my blog... I hope you find something! (and share it with us, too!)

Definitely gonna check out Lily's blog...

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Danielle - Me too! I'm a sucker for a bow. :)

Erin - You and me both!! Haha.

lfe - I swear everyone's on the hunt for nude wedges, why oh why are there no good options??