Style Me Saturday: Bridesmaid Shoes

Reader Meagan recently wrote in looking for suggestions for silver shoes to wear in an upcoming wedding. Here is her email:

"I'm in a wedding on Memorial Day Weekend. The bridesmaids dresses are navy blue. The bride is requiring us to wear silver shoes. I'm about 5'4 so I really want to wear a heel. Keep in mind the wedding is outside on concrete. I don't want to make lots of noise while walking down the aisle. So, I was wondering if you could help me find a cute, inexpensive silver heel for this event. I would really like for the shoe to be something that I wear more than once if possible! Inexpensive to me is under $100. So, could you help me out? I don't want the clear rhinestone studded wedding shoe, ya know what I mean? Like a cute and fashionable satin heel or leather. I hope you can help me out!! I appreciate it!"

Here are all of the shoes I thought might work, and any of them could be integrated into her closet after the wedding is over. Click on any photo below to purchase/for more information.

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Chiara Popalopa said...

My favorite is the second from the left on the last row... Impressive as always!!!