For Men: Style Me Saturday: Fancy Informal Wedding (Huh??)

Reader Annie wrote me on behalf of her dad, who was looking for some guidance on what to wear to a wedding this summer. Here's her email...

"My dad is going to his best friend from college's daughter's wedding in hot and humid Texas this summer and is stumped on what to wear. He usually wears very neutral comfortable clothes (like North Face khaki shorts). They say that this wedding is going to be a "fancy informal" event. If you could put together some ideas of outfits he would be greatly appreciative."

I decided to contact the expert, Laura over at LKc Style because she always has great suggestions on men's fashion. Here's what Laura said...

Weddings are always tough because temperatures vary so much and you also don't know what everyone else is going to wear or supposed to wear. What does "fancy informal" really mean anyway?! It's difficult to put everything together and not sweat about it (literally in this case). In hot weather, a nice light, linen suit will always impress; you can always take the jacket off if it is too hot or others are not wearing jackets; pair with brown shoes and brown belt for a the most flattering effect. Contact LKc Style for a wedding wardrobe or groomsmen outfits today!!

Note: The tie Laura suggested seems to be sold out in the blue color online. Click here for an alternative.

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