J's Friday Faves

It's finally Friday (my week has been so messed up, I thought Tuesday was Wednesday, etc...so you can imagine my relief that the weekend is almost here)!
Here are my faves for the week...


Urban Outfitters Straw Fedora - $24
Not sure if I can pull off a fedora, but there's something about them I love. Might have to go out and try one to see if it would work for me.

I know they're not always the most flattering (Clinton and Stacy would be appalled) but I can't help it, I'm obsessed!


Anthropologie Addendum Top - $39.95 on sale
This top is like wearing your pajamas all day, it's that comfortable. Besides the super soft fabric, I adore the three button detail in the back.

Lusting After:

Anthropologie's Tecolote Tank - $78
After seeing how gorgeous this tank looked on the stylish Miss Chloe, I've decided it will be mine (but I think I'll get the dark grey color).

Tory Burch Distressed Python Reva in Camel - $235
These babies have been on my wishlist for awhile (I have been debating between camel and grey) and since I wear my black Revas to death, I think I deserve another (lighter) color. What do you think?


E Hayes said...

J- OK... seriously, this isn't even funny! Remember last week I said I had the shorts and a similar top on my 'wishlist' and also mentioned in my email this morning... ok well in my draft post the same EXACT Revas are linked... can we go shopping together because I think we'd just buy all the same stuff, no joke.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Haha, maybe we were separated at birth! Lol. That's so funny, I guess great minds think alike?? It would be so fun to go shopping together!! Blogger shopping trip anyone?!?

Ashley said...

That tank is amazing!

Unknown said...

i just bought a fedora from F21 for $7! i love the look of them as well, but am not sure that i can pull it off. this way, i won't feel guilty about the money.

clarissa r. said...

ha! i feel the same way about the fedora. will have to go and try one on too./i love the ribbon cami from urban outfitters, good price, might have to get it./really cute shoes! i like the camel color better. but i'd have to find a knock off of that one. too pricy for me!/thanks for another great post!

Coley said...

I adore your picks, Jen! I completely think that you can rock a fedora. That top looks super duper comfy, too!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that i needed some non-black revas as well and was considering those but found the PERFECT alternative at nordstrom. Search lizard Reva at the website and click on the lighter one. It's sooo perfect. Their pattern won't allow dirt to show which is so necessary given the wear they will endure and they actually have gold on the leather with a silver medallion. gold plus silver = heaven for me. Plus I've already seen so many people in the other ones and no one in these.. So happy

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

I always love your picks!! I actually ordered the Luella striped top from Delias!

Clarissa said...

i don't know if you do ebay... but they have those tory burch falts there for around $40.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Ashley - I know, isn't it gorgeous?! I need it.

sara - good idea! I checked F21's site but didn't see one that I liked. I'll keep looking. Target might have some too.

clarissa.r - isn't that ribbon cami cute? I just love the stripes and the bow.

Coley - Thanks!! :)

Katharine - Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check those out.

Leslie - Let me know how you like it!

clarissa - Actually I don't really do ebay, but thanks for the tip. I don't mind spending a little more for Revas because I know I'll wear them constantly. I've had my other pair for about 5 years and wear them more than any other shoe, so the cost per wear is pretty low for me (which is always good to figure out, at least for me, when deciding on whether or not to splurge!).