J's Friday Faves

Friday again! Luckily for me, this four day work week zipped by pretty fast (hopefully it did for you too!). Tonight I'm back on the road again as I head to Chicago - unfortunately I don't think there will be any shopping in my future (although I am thinking of getting a loveseat from Ikea for the office). I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend, and here are my faves for this week...


Restowe's Burberry Ribbon Dog Collar - $18
I think Einstein needs this, don't you?

ChristinaP's Three Band Ring (can be personalized with a name on each band!) - $65
I love this intertwined ring, it remind me of Cartier's Trinity Ring (for a lot less $$).


Ikea Ektorp Loveseat - $579
Hopefully we'll be getting this loveseat for the office (we've lived in our house three years and I'm just now getting around to getting a comfy couch to sit on), but I'm wondering if it comes with a white slipcover option?? Guess I'll have to wait until Sunday to find out.

J Brand Lovestory Jeans - $59 on sale at Gilt (sale is no longer going on, sorry!).
I've been wanting a pair of these for awhile, so when they were on sale at Gilt, I snatched up a pair. Let's hope they fit.

Lusting After:

Juicy Couture Cap Sleeve Dress - $158
So cute! I love the pale ash color, but the black is nice too.
*Thanks to reader Carol who wrote me an email to let me know THIS Old Navy dress looks very similar on (and I love the blue color!).

Miu Miu Light Pink Bow Pump - $339 on sale
Oh pretty pink shoes, how I adore you.


Kristen said...

gorg cap sleeve dress!

Gen said...

The shoes - here is a close equivalent http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3059380/0~2376788~6002242~6007715~6007725?mediumthumbnail=Y&origin=category&searchtype=&pbo=6007725&P=1

Justine said...

I love that dress, too! And I snagged some Gilt J Brand Lovestory's, as well... can't wait until they arrive (which is apparently like in a month, uck.)

Unknown said...

Those shoes are hawt. Ok, so when I saw the thumbnail pic of this post in my dashboard, I thought it was a fur clutch. *lol* Cute collar.

Amber said...

omg you are going to LOVE the lovestorys they are SOO flattering!