J's Friday Faves

Sorry for the delay in posting this, I know I don't usually post this late on a Friday evening. I'm still getting settled in after my trip to San Francisco, and so the theme of this Friday Faves post will be all about SF.


Wineries - We took a tour of three wineries in Napa/Sonoma and had a wonderful time. We learned a little bit about how wine was made and got to try some yummy wines as well.

Meeting fellow fashion bloggers - I got the chance to meet up with Amber (on the far right) from Amber's Notebook (and Amber's friend Jen - not pictured) and Kara (in the middle) from Fashionably Inspired for a little shopping on Union Street on Sunday. I had a great time meeting them, they were all so sweet and a lot of fun!

Sausalito - This town is GORGEOUS. Seriously, when can I move there? (Photo is of me sitting on the shore in Sausalito, with San Francisco in the background)


I did a little bit of shopping on Union Street at this cute little shop called Marmalade (the two shirts on the bottom are from there), and I also hit up Aritzia (my favorite!!) downtown and bought a few things for fall (sorry the photo isn't the best - the one on the top right is a dark purple wrap sweater by Wilfred).

Lusting After:

I'm still obsessing over army green, so this Rebecca Taylor jacket caught my eye.


E Hayes said...

Welcome Back!! Looks like you had a blast :)

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

We did have a great time, thanks! :)

Susan said...

Love your pics. San Fran is so amazing. My husband and I went about three years ago. Your post brought back memories. Love it.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Susan!

BibiK said...

Who is the patterned shawl collar grey sweater by? It's great - any chance you can find something similar online too?

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Bridget - it's by TNA. I will look around and see if I can find anything similar online!