Style Me Saturday: Date Night

I received an email back in May (sorry!! I told you guys I was behind on my emails...) from Maria who was looking for some date night outfit suggestions. Here's a portion of her email...

"I'm in my late 20's and I'd like some cute but sophisticated date outfits as well as some fun "night out" outfits that won't look too young."

When I asked Maria what celebrity she dresses most like, she described her style in the following way:

"I like things I wear to have a hint of vintage without looking costumy (sort of Emma Pillsbury from Glee meets Sex and the City's Charlotte meets Mad Men?). Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I wear basic/simple black (shirts, dresses, skirts) w/ accessories."

So, taking her love of a hint of vintage and ladylike looks, I came up with a few outfits (some a little more casual, some that are dressier) that I thought would be date night worthy for summer. Click on any of the items below to purchase or for pricing information.

I love the red dress in this first set, and I have the Go Jane bow wedges and they are perfection. Click here if you're interested in purchasing those.

You could substitute the jeans I picked in this outfit for skinny jeans or whatever you prefer (ankle length skinnies would work as well).

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Clarissa said...

i love the red dress on the first picture.