Style Me Saturday: Florida Keys

Reader Michelle wrote me awhile ago asking for some help for her August trip to Key West. They will be going for 5 days and she wanted to stay cool while also having some dresses to wear out to dinner, all while keeping the outfits budget friendly. Keeping all of that in mind, I came up with some options that I thought would work well (while giving her a few options to choose from).

This first set is of sundresses, which could easily be dressed up a bit for evening but work well for daytime with some flat sandals (or flip flops, whatever you prefer) and a cute hat. (All other items can be clicked on below to purchase)

Want to dress up a little bit more for your evening out (again, either of these could be worn out during the day for an easy, breezy look that would work for lunch out or shopping)? Check out these adorable maxi dresses! I kept the same sandals as the set above, trying to keep Michelle's budget and limited suitcase space in mind.

For some casual day looks, I put together some flowy tops with denim shorts (if you want longer shorts - click here, or cropped jeans click here). You can click on any photo below to purchase, with the exception of the hat - the link for that can be found above the first set.

And finally, the most important when heading to Key West is the swimwear. I think packing at least two is important, but it depends on how much time Michelle plans on spending in her swimsuit. I put two bikini options as well as a one piece, and a cute romper to use as a coverup.

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Armada said...

I love the fedora! Super sexy but just SO cool!
Nice work. :)

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