Style Me Saturday: Vegas Bachelorette Party

Reader Suzanne wrote me looking for some suggestions for her trip to Vegas for her friend's bachelorette party this month. Here is a portion of her email...

"I'm going to Vegas for the first time in August for by best friend's bachelorette party. I am finishing up law school right now and will not be working while I study for the bar this summer, so I am on a serious budget. I think we will be there for 4 days and 3 nights."

I came up with four day looks, keeping the Vegas heat in mind (although Suzanne may want to take along a lightweight cardigan because it can get chilly in the casinos). Because Suzanne is on a pretty strict budget, I kept a lot of the same accessories for most of the looks as well. You can click on any of the photos below to purchase these items, unless otherwise noted.

This casual dress from Lulu's can be purchased by clicking HERE. It has a really cute ruffled back that I love.

For the evening looks, I again tried to keep the same accessories for all of the looks. All of the items with the exception of the dress in the first photo (click HERE to purchase, also available in black) can be clicked on to purchase or for more information.

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The Pretty Pauper said...

I love that dress from LuLus! The back is adorable!

(The Pretty Pauper)
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