Celebrity Look 4 Less (Reader Request): Drew Barrymore

A reader wrote in wondering if I could recreate this sparkly look that Drew Barrymore wore to David Letterman. (Photo credit)

Here's what I came up with - the gold sequin top retails for $92.68 (I realize it's kind of pricey, but it was the only one I was able to find that was similar to the one Drew is wearing), pants retail for $60.66, and shoes are $30. The earrings retail for $4.80 and the belt is $23.99 on sale. Click on any of the links in this paragraph or on any of the photos below to purchase these items.


Kristen said...

I LOVED this outfit Drew's wearing. I'm doing a post on it tomorrow. Although more expensive, your outfit looks great! I really hope that some good knockoffs come around to target, h&m, and forever 21 for sequin stuff. I'm really feeling it for this fall.

A Chic Critique said...

Your blog is so fun and creative. I know it's helpful to so many readers and women who want high fashion on a budget! I came across it through a friend here in Nashville. ~ Annie @ http://www.achiccritique.com

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Can't wait to see your post! I am going to keep my eyes open for a less expensive top option, I'm sure somewhere will have something soon.

Chic Critique - Thank you! :)

Ruby Mines said...

Great post- excellent pieces. I love the pumps.