J's Friday Faves

It's Friday the 13th!! I hope everyone avoids all of the bad luck that seems to follow this day around. I know I'm planning on enjoying my day off and getting ready for my big birthday weekend! Since I haven't been shopping lately, I decided to do Friday Faves a little differently this week. Here are some things that have caught my eye when browsing the web (adding them to the wishlist now!)...

This fold and buckle bag by Sabina.
GORGEOUS! Sadly it's sold out in the beige color that I've fallen for.

I was at the salon getting my hair done on Wednesday and one of the stylists there was wearing a pair of black clogs with some wide leg jeans and a tank top. She looked so cute, now I'm obsessing over finding the perfect pair for myself. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

Flat boots for Fall
I love these Chinese Laundry boots, and they come in black too!

Express Silk Military Shirt
Love the olive green color and style of this shirt. Hopefully I'll get to the store soon to try it on, and the temperatures will cool down so I can wear silk.

Bold jewelry.
I typically keep my jewelry pretty simple, but I love the green ring seen in the Urban Outfitters look book.

What are you loving at the moment? Share in the comments!


Kristen said...

Jen, your style is so chic! I love your picks, per usual. I'm really loving the clogs look too, but IDK if I want closed or open toe. Hmmmm...

Stephanie said...

OMG I love both those rings. But the turq one is 80 bucks. Any Looks 4 Less on that ring?

Jenn said...

Love the beige bag! So Sad it's sold out!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Miss K! :) You are so sweet.

Stephanie - I will look around and see what I can find.

Jenn - Me too!! :(