Fall Shopping: My Wishlist

With fall "officially" beginning today, I thought it would be fun to share my (growing) wishlist of items for the fall/winter season. I always enjoy going thru and picking the items that catch my eye (and because it's a wishlist, I usually don't think about budget - I just choose items that appeal to me regardless of price). Seeing all of the items I'm drawn to in one place helps me figure out what I'm really looking for this fall, and what trends I seem to naturally gravitate towards.

I'm sure you can tell just by looking, but this fall I'm leaning heavily toward the military trend. I am obsessed with olive green at the moment, and it shows in the items below. I am kind of surprised that I'm gravitating toward a green/camel/ivory palate, as I typically go for more of the black/grey/navy items (as evidenced by one glance in my closet!). So, it looks like for fall I'll be picking up some camel and ivory pieces to work into my wardrobe, and trying to work with some of the olive green items I've purchased so far (a F21 sweater, some cargo skinnies, and an olive green v-neck tee from Gap).

What's on your wishlist for fall? Have you noticed any trends you've been gravitating toward more than others?

*Note: Don't forget to click thru, there are two pages of items that have caught my eye for fall!


E Hayes said...

Love the pics! Love the joie poncho and go get the oxer jacket!!

jminco said...

Can you give us some visual ideas of what to wear the Clary boot with? They're so cute but I can't picture them with anything that shows them off to their fullest potential. Oxer jacket a must!