J's Friday Faves

Happy Friday - I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


Spray tans
After being diagnosed with lupus this past spring, my doctor told me to stay out of the sun as much as possible this summer. I always feel better with a tan, so I'm very happy that I found someone in my area who does a fantastic job. (Ladies in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area - let me know if you need a recommendation!)

My cousin is getting married tomorrow and I cannot wait.

Not sure if the amber color of this Ann Taylor Loft cardigan would look right on me, but the color makes me think of fall. Loves.


I first saw this H&M poncho while watching The Rachel Zoe Project on Tuesday night. I became obsessed (as I often do), even though five minutes earlier wearing a poncho had never crossed my mind. Thanks to my good friend Steph, I was able to purchase one even though the closest H&M is 3 hours away in Chicago. Keep your fingers crossed that it works for me!

I have a gift card from my birthday, so I'll be picking up this Free People sweater ASAP.

Lusting After:

Diane von Furstenberg Wool/Cashmere Chunky Sweater
Camel is huge for fall and you probably remember me declaring my love for chunky knits last week. This sweater is gorgeous.

Proenza Schouler PS1 bag
It's army green, and I'm obsessed.
What are you loving, buying, or lusting after this week?


E Hayes said...

as usual love all the picks ;)

and ummm... I guess I totally need a poncho now too, I must have never realized it :)

Kim said...

I love this feature and always look forward to it on Fridays J :-)
That H&M poncho is insane - I can't wait to see how you rock it!
I also love that ATL cardi, especially after Chloe wore it yesterday!

Unknown said...

I've got the h & m poncho! it's amazing. you are really going to enjoy it. xox

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

E - Thanks! :) And yes, you need a poncho.

Kim - Thank you! I really enjoy doing this feature, so I'm glad to hear that you like it.

I hope I can do the poncho justice! We'll see. :)

Tucker - Glad it's amazing in person, can't wait get mine in the mail!

sunnseeker said...

I need that poncho! I just realized it.

Anonymous said...

I saw that poncho during RZ too and am in love also! I hope it works out for you.
I love all of your picks, that PS bag is insane.
I didn't know you had lupus also (like Chloe)...you gals are such an inspiration.

morgan said...

I got the poncho last week. I'm dying to wear it I totally got caught up in the poncho craze of 2004. And I'm dying for the ruffled blouse at ATL. I may have to go pick that up today.


Rachel said...

Love the poncho, sadly there are no H&Ms anywhere near Denver. :(

Also dying for a ps1...ASOS & Topshop both have similar versions but not in the color I want. Either that or Mulberry's Alexa bag would be great for a look for less!

Christina said...

Love the poncho. I just bought it when I was in San Fran in black. I wish I would have gotten it in both colors. Such a great piece for the fall and amazing price!