J's Friday Faves

I hope everyone had a great week! I've been scoping out all of the fall fashions and making wishlist after wishlist (first I had better clean out my closet!). What are you buying for fall?


I admit it, I'm a sucker for everything vampire. Edward Cullen? Yes please. True Blood...I only wish I subscribed to HBO so I could watch the current season. But my recent obsession is with The Vampire Diaries, the (slightly cheesy) CW's take on the vampire craze. I just finished catching up on Season 1 and am setting the DVR to record Season 2 so I don't miss an episode of vampire goodness. Now if I could only decide which brother is my favorite...Damon or Stefan?
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When I saw this stunning Monique Lhullier gown that floated down the Spring 2011 runway, a million Zoe-isms started bursting out of my mouth. "Shut the front door. That dress is Ba-nanas. I die."
The end.
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A bunch of stuff from Forever 21! I really hope the jacket works, it looks so cute online. You can view the second and third items here and here.

Lusting after:

Pretty much everything in the Shopbop Ultimate Closet Lookbook...

This cozy looking fair isle cowlneck sweater by Adam. Makes me want to cozy up next to a roaring fire with a good book.

This jacket from Free People. It's army green!! It's fuzzy!! It's $298. Boo.


words & wardrobes said...

A woman after my own heart! I love F21! I was on the website last night putting item after item in my basket...then removing them one by one after snapping back to reality and remembering I don't have a super-sized bank account. As for Vampire Diaries, I am Damon all the way! So hot!

Kristen said...

I love your faves, that dress is def to die for.

s said...

The suedette jacket = ♥! All the sizes left too! Thanks for the link :)

Kim said...

I am so obsessed with Vampire Diaries it's sick! I was a Stefan girl at first, but I'm totally converted over to Damon now! I guess I love the bad boy ;-)

Amber's Notebook said...

Ditto on the ultimate closet! And I LOVE that H&M and jacket and the free people one. I love these posts!!

Anonymous said...

I love Vampire Diaries! It is sooooo good already. Plus I love the fashion on that show. Evil Kathryn knows how to dress.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Ty - They have a ton of great stuff right now don't they? Sadly it all adds up, so I feel your pain. :) Damon looks like he has a lot of votes right now from the girls that have commented. I have to say I am a sucker for blue eyes and his are intense.

Miss K - Isn't it gorgeous?

S - You're welcome! I hope it works in person, I'm keeping my fingers crossed until it arrives.

Kim - I lean more towards Damon right now also - bad boys are very sexy apparently!

Amber - I wish I could win the lotto so I could just buy everything in the Ultimate Closet. I just love the color palate, and the model makes everything look so cute and effortless.

Erin - Wasn't last night's episode great? I really hope they don't kill Caroline. I feel so bad for her, even though I found her a little annoying before. Hopefully she'll be an interesting vamp! And you're right - Katherine does know how to dress!

Anonymous said...

Cardigans and belts are my signature pieces so I will definitely be shopping for those items, as well as some new boots!

Sara said...

I am CRAZY for those Hanii Y pants in Shopbop's lookbook but of course, they're sold out. Can you please find me a great look for less? I also wanted the olive wrap sweater, but it's gone too...

You've got great taste!

Spottswood Photography said...

True Blood rocks!!! I was in the same boat until my sis-in-law told me about this website to watch them for FREE!


Seriously, it works. I had to tell you about it since I love your blog:)

Enjoy, try not to watch them all at once:)


J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Sara - Here are a similar pair in a different color: http://www.charlotterusse.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4266965

I loved that olive sweater too, and I'm hoping the F21 version is at least close in color.

You've got great taste too - I'll keep an eye out for similar pants in an army green color.

Sarah - Thank you for the link, I'm definitely going to catch up on all the episodes that way! <3