Style Me Saturday: Leaving on a Jet Plane

A reader recently wrote in asking for suggestions of outfits to wear on a 14 hour flight next week where (wait for it...) she'll be seated next to her ex-boyfriend (and this is the first time they'll have seen each other since they broke up). She wants to be comfortable and stylish...here are the two suggestions I sent her. As always, you can click on any photo to purchase unless otherwise noted.

This first outfit is cute, on trend, and casual as well as comfortable to travel in. You could also substitute flats or flat sandals for the wedges shown. Click here for the lace adorned top from Madewell.

I think maxi dresses are great for traveling, they're stylish as well as insanely comfortable. If you have a tendency to get cold, bring a cardigan along for the plane.

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Unknown said...

I hope she goes for look #2. Bump. It. Up.