Style Me Saturday: Smart Casual Work Attire

Reader Aini wrote in requesting some help with outfit ideas as she's starting a new job as a personal assistant for a motivational speaker. She was told the dress code is "smart casual" but since she typically wears jeans and leggings, she wanted some suggestions. She wanted to stay away from anything too formal, and loves wearing flats and also has a pair of ankle boots with medium high heels that she was wondering if she could wear.

I came up with four looks for Aini, and many of the items are interchangable (for example, she could easily substitute the black pants for trouser style jeans). I did do a dressier (but not too formal) outfit as the second look, just in case she ever has to attend an event or anything like that. The pearl draped top I paired with the black pants for that look could easily be made more casual by throwing on a cardigan and pairing it with the trouser jeans seen in the first look. You can click on any of the items in the photos below for more information.

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