J's Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone - it's October!! I can't believe there are only two months left until the end of the year, it seems like it's flown by so fast. Here are my faves for the week...


Britney on Glee!
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I took advantage of the 25% off and free shipping on Gap's website (after I'd already bought the same things in the store - so those got returned!) and bought the following items for fall...

Corduroy skinnies (these run about a size small, so whatever your normal Gap size is, go up one. I ended up getting my normal size in jeans - I usually wear a size smaller in Gap. Vanity sizing, gotta love it.)

Vintage long sleeve tee (so soft! I plan to wear it under my H&M poncho.)

Modern Boot dress pant (I was in need of a new pair, love these!)

I also bought three prints from ISPhotography (I am in LOVE with pretty much everything on her site) for various rooms in my house. You can see the actual prints I purchased HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Lusting After:

Vince's Scuba Jacket. I'm not 100% sure that I can even pull off a leather jacket (even if I wanted to splurge at the moment) but I keep drooling over this one - it's GORGEOUS.


Chloe said...

Great to know about the GAP cord skinnies, J- I've been eyeballing them, hard!

Anonymous said...

I feel ya! I've always wanted a leather jacket (fauz or real) but have never been confident I can really pull it off. Lol. We shoudl just go for it, riiight!?