J's Friday Faves

I hope you all are having a great Friday! I'm looking forward to the weekend (I'm photographing a wedding tomorrow and cannot wait!) and it's going to be beautiful weather. I hope you all have some fun stuff planned as well. :)

Here are the things I'm loving, buying, and lusting after this week...


I'm seconds away from ordering this cozy sweater from AE! I think it would look great with skinny jeans/jeggings and the boots I purchased below.

Fair Isle prints - I bought a great cardigan in San Francisco at Aritzia but here are a few others that I think are cute (at various price points):
You can view a few more for under $100
here, here, and here.


Target's Mossimo Supply Katherine Boot - These are a dead ringer for the Frye Harness boots that retail for a whole lot more $$. I had been debating these for awhile but wasn't 100% sure they would work with my style until I saw a girl wearing them with some skinny jeans, a basic long sleeve black tee, and a scarf. Adorable.

CB2's Wall Sconces - I've been looking for something to go over the large wall on our couch for awhile now and I think a set of these will look great. I'm looking forward to their arrival!

Target's Tear Drop Lamp
- I'm hoping these will work on the nightstands in my bedroom. I've been looking for lamps for what seems like forever and these were just what I was searching for!

Lusting After:

Loeffler Randall's draped pocket coat - gorgeous.

Hive and Honey Carmel boot - These aren't terribly pricey but heeled boots like this aren't always practical for my lifestyle. I adore them though!


Jenny K. said...

Love the AE sweater and Hive and Honey boots. Great finds!!

Anonymous said...

Great picks! I would love to see the AE sweater in a OOTD!

Unknown said...

The AE sweater seems right up your style alley. Very cute. Loooove the Loeffler Randall coat. Wow.

Amber's Notebook said...

OMG that pocket jacket is AH-MAZING!!

Alicia said...

I totally caved and bought those boots when they were Target's daily deal a while ago. Worth every penny!

Veronika said...

I MUST have that AE cardigan! MUST!!!!

Becca said...

This is a bit belated but do you think the target boots are worth it? Or would it be better to spend a bit more for frye?

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Jenny - Aren't they adorable?

Andi - I have been holding off on ordering, I think I may see if they have it in the store so I can try it on and save on shipping. I will try and post an OOTD once I get it!

Gigi - Isn't that coat gorgeous?!

Amber - I know. I think I need it. Lol.

Alicia - Don't you love them? Mine arrived last week and I have already worn them a ton.

Veronika - You do! Definitely get it. :)

Bex - I think they are worth it. They are genuine leather and they look so much like the Frye's - I wore them last week and had a few people stop me and ask me if they were the Frye boots and where I bought them. They were all surprised when I said Target! Unless you feel like splurging, I think the Target version is definitely worth buying.